At the moment, my career and I are experimenting with an open relationship.

I'm taking a hiatus from my heady love affair with advertising and open to new opportunities.

If you would like to chat, please reach out via LinkedIn.

What I've been up to.

I've spent the last 5 years making ads, working for some of the most highly-awarded creative agencies in Australia.

Here are some of the campaigns I've worked on...

City Hunter - Uber Eats & Netflix

During the release of the film City Hunter, we partnered with Netflix to promote Uber Eats.

šŸ¢ Agency: Special Group, šŸŽ„ Production: TYO, Shigeyo Matsuyama, šŸŽØ Creatives: Go Sahara, Kana Takarada, Kousuku Adachi

Come Down for Air - Tourism Tasmania

We invited Aussies to escape the stresses of modern life and visit Tasmania.

šŸ¢ Agency: BMF, šŸŽ„ Production: FINCH, Christopher Riggert, šŸŽØ Creatives: Alex Derwin, David Fraser, James Sexton, Jane Tjokrowidjaja

How's Your Head Today? - Australian Government

During the pandemic, we encouraged Australians to connect with mental health services.

šŸ¢ Agency: BMF, šŸŽ„ Production: Buck šŸŽØ Creatives: Alex Derwin, Pia Chaudhuri, Stephanie Allen, Lincoln Grice

Catfish - Barista Bros (Coca-Cola)

Catfish have the most tastebuds in the animal kingdom, all the more to enjoy iced coffee.

šŸ¢ Agency: BMF, šŸŽ„ Production: Rabbit, Jeff Low šŸŽØ Creatives: Alex Derwin, Roy Leibowitz, Chris Wilson

Spread The Merry - Australia Post

During the first Christmas without lockdowns, we told a festive homecoming story for Australia Post.

šŸ¢ Agency: The Monkeys, šŸŽ„ Production: FINCH, The Bobbsy Twins šŸŽØ Creatives: Ant Keogh, Hugh Gurney, Joe Sibley, Michelle Canning, Ben Horewood